Trustworthy and Knowledgeable

We give Haymond Law top marks for their knowledge and trustworthiness– and we would recommend their service to others.

L&R Wilcock

Helpful and Responsive

We appreciated [Haymond Law’s] help and diligent follow-up, we are highly satisfied with their responsiveness and communication ability.  Haymond Law worked directly with us and our financial institutions to ensure they all will carry out our directions. 

W&F Baer

Thorough and Efficient

Haymond Law was engaged by me after my father went into intensive care and did not have all of his affairs in order. Mr. Haymond efficiently and effectively took care of all matters, including development of a living trust, living will, recordation of deeds, power of attorney, change of beneficiaries on bank accounts and insurance policies and all matters regarding employment contracts, deferred compensation agreements. He was thorough and quick, allowing my family to enjoy the remaining time with my Father instead of worrying about his estate. I will be hiring Haymond Law to take care of my matters as well. 

Ashley O.

Quality Planning and Service

I’m very happy with Haymond Law’s service and happy to refer others to Haymond Law for Legacy Trust planning. 

C. Orr

Valuable and Great Communicators

Having worked in a law office for 31 years, I feel qualified to rate handling of the interview and preparation of [my planning and they] couldn’t [have] been any better. Thanks… 

Gloria L.

Asset Protection and LGBT Planning

[Services were] expensive but we know we are organized, prepared, thorough in our examination of assets + protection for our future + secure in protection for [our child’s] inheritance.

B.B. & T.W.